Since joining RXN Athletics my daughter has really enjoyed how the staff have trained her for the sport she plays. Not only do they train her, they also work on injury prevention exercises and stretches. The staff gives her advice on her diet and about how much rest an athlete needs or should be getting. My daughter has increased in many aspects of her game thanks to RXN. They are very interested on their performance outside of the RXN facility. We are very blessed to have found such a program that believes in what they do for each individual. Then you have Mr. Henry C. from next door at Reaction Physical Therapy who pops in to also check up on the athletes and their progress. We are very blessed to have a RXN and Reaction Physical Therapy offering their services to the community. Thank You RXN!

Adrian Garcia


Awesome place! Love the way they tailor my athlete’s workouts to her age, ability and goals. We have seen her gain strength and confidence beyond measure.

Sherry Hall


My son loves this place, and really enjoys the encouragement and push for improvement he gets from Manu and Henry. When you see and feel the results, you know you’re doing something right.

Lisa Sander


RXN Athletics has really given me the results I wanted. I’ve had a great increase in speed, strength, and explosiveness. My flexibility has also increased. Manu and Jack have really helped me get to where I need to be. At the Greater El Paso Football Showcase December 2014 I ran 4.48 in the 40yd and had a vertical of 36.8 inches.

Alex Powell


I’d like to thank the staff at RXN Athletics for helping my son go from 175lbs to 210lbs in 8 months. When we first came to RXN my son started with their Sports Specific training two days a week and then in June switched to the College Prep Program and going 4 days a week. He learned proper form for exercises, gained confidence and most importantly gained almost 30lbs of muscle. He needed to gain weight without losing speed and agility. Manu and Jack did that and more. Everything they asked my son to do he did and it worked. My only regret is that we didn’t know about RXN earlier. I’m proud of the work my boy out in at RXN and proud of the work that Manu and Jack did with him. I’m confident that now when he walks into UTEP 30lbs of muscle heavier than when he agreed to play football there that the hard work will pay off. Thanks RXN For all you did!!!

Tami Barnwell



Awesome place! Love the way they tailor my athlete's workouts to her age, ability and goals. We have seen her gain strength and confidence beyond measure. Read More

- Sherry Hall