Frequently asked questions and policies.

What sets us apart?

Our coaches are degreed in a related field of study and have one or more post graduate certifications. Each client is coached in a small group setting by one or more coaches. We do not have a one size fits all approach to performance training so you will not find daily workouts posted anywhere in the facility. Each athlete’s workout is individualized based on our assessment and the sport they participate in.

Do we treat injuries?

No, we are not a rehab or therapy clinic. However, we are partnered with a physical therapy clinic. With our training programs, participants that are post-surgery must be cleared by their doctor prior to beginning their training with us. For those with minor injuries, we will modify the training programs to accommodate them.

Why do we assess each athlete prior to training them?

To be effective, we need to know what the athlete is capable of doing and what limitations they may have. Our assessments aid us in identifying any limitations or potential risks. This allows us to formulate a plan to decrease or remove these factors. We assess every athlete except for those participating in our RXN Juniors program.

Are there any age limits to strength training?

No, so long as the individual is healthy. Strength training is often synonymous with weight lifting, but it also includes body weight exercises (gymnastic moves and calisthenics) and using other implements such as tires and sleds. We set age limits to ensure a certain level of maturity, which normally comes with age. Strength training is a great way to improve coordination in individuals who are ready for it, as well as to enhance athletic performance. Below are links for the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s position statements for resistance training for youth:

What sports do we work with?

We work with just about all sports. Call us for more information to see if we can help you.

How long are training sessions?

Session times vary depending of the type of training. RXN Juniors sessions are 45 minutes, Peak Fitness sessions are 60 minutes and RXN Sport Specific sessions are 75 minutes long.

How do we schedule sessions?

To schedule a session you can click link on the schedule link to the left and select the session you want to attend, schedule through the Mindbody Connect app or call us. We prefer 24 hours notice, however our scheduling system will allow clients to schedule up to 45 minutes prior to the start of the training session.

Is stretching really necessary?

It depends. For most people stretching should be done after working out. For individuals who are hypermobile (think “double jointed”) stretching has the potential to cause injury if done incorrectly.

How many participants per training session?

For our RXN Juniors and Sport Specific sessions we limit participation to 12 athletes. Our Peak fitness sessions are limited to 15, unless it is a TRX only session, in which case participation is limited to 11.

Due to the limited number of spots we require our clients to schedule ahead of time to ensure a spot. Preference is always given to clients already on the schedule and then on a first come first served basis. If you show up to a full session and you are not on the schedule you will be asked to attend to different session.

You have kettlebells, sleds and Olympic bars and plates. Do you do Crossfit workouts?

No. We are not a Crossfit gym and have no affiliation with Crossfit. Depending on the abilities and needs of our clients we use different implements to help them reach their goals.


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