Medicine Ball Training

April 16, 2013

Medicine balls are great tools for athletic power development. They can be used to develop power unilaterally, bilaterally and rotationally. This basically means that you can use medicine balls to train in any direction. Medicine ball work in no way takes away from the usefulness of regular barbell and dumbbell exercises, Olympic lifts and plyometrics, but rather works in conjunction with them to improve power. Specifically, medicine balls are ideal for developing rotational power through the abdominal, low back and posterior chain musculature. For throwing athletes (baseball players, softball players, discus and shot throwers, etc) medicine ball training is important.

Medicine balls can be thrown between partners, off walls and off of floors. With the different types of medicine balls on the market the variety of exercises that can be done with is virtually endless. Some medicine balls bounce, some don’t. Some have handles, some don’t. Depending on the material the medicine ball is made out of the ball can be used outside in the rain, although the individual using it really wouldn’t be too thrilled. What it really boils down to is that the use of medicine balls in training is limited by the imagination of the coach.

Because of their usefulness and scalability we use medicine balls with everyone we train from the 7 year old all the way up to the +65 year old. Depending on the number of individuals training we may have them work with a partner or have them working by themselves.


Since joining RXN Athletics my daughter has really enjoyed how the staff have trained her for the sport she plays. Not only do they train her, they also work on injury prevention exercises and stretches. The staff gives her advice on her diet and about how much rest an athlete needs or should be getting. My daughter has increased in many aspects of her game thanks to RXN. They are very inter... Read More

- Adrian Garcia