Young Athletes Stay Healthy by Playing Less

June 9, 2013

Here’s some food for thought coming from one of the best orthopedic surgeons around. One take away is that if you play only one sport you need to take time off during the year from that sport to recuperate. Pick up a different sport and/or change up your training during the off season to provide some physical balance and reduce your injury risk. You only have one body so take care of it.

This advice may seem counter intuitive and counterproductive for a company that works with athletes, however we want you to be healthy and have a reduced injury risk. You cannot play your sport or train effectively when injured.

At RXN Athletics we work to reduce your specific injury risk and improve your game.


RXN Athletics has really given me the results I wanted. I've had a great increase in speed, strength, and explosiveness. My flexibility has also increased. Manu and Jack have really helped me get to where I need to be. At the Greater El Paso Football Showcase December 2014 I ran 4.48 in the 40yd and had a vertical of 36.8 inches. Read More

- Alex Powell