Training Through Injury

July 17, 2013

For athletes at the collegiate and the professional level with all the medical personal and equipment they have “on hand” it is easy to see how they are able to rehab injuries as quickly as they do and return to training as soon as they do whether they want to or not.

From seeing it first hand in a collegiate setting and applying it myself I know that you can always train when injured except incases of spinal injury without clearance from a doctor. Exercises can be modified or substituted to still reap some of the benefits of training without aggravating the injury or undoing surgical repairs. I have trained athletes with shoulder recent shoulder surgeries and only working one arm and both legs. When the workout called for back squats, leg presses or single arm deadlifts or lunges were substituted for the squats. Athletes need to learn to train around injuries and not through them.

Some athletes will milk the injury for all they can to stay away from training while others are chomping at the bit to get back to training. Athletes with the drive to win and a great work ethic will work with their strengths and find ways to train around injuries. There is almost always something that they can do. One lineman in particular, after having ankle surgery and still wearing the “boot,” insisted on squatting, cleaning and deadlifting during a workout. After much back and forth between the athlete and the athletic trainer he was allowed to participate at a reduced level. He promised he would take it easy and go nowhere near his previous amount lifted. He ended up breaking the bindings on his boot as he squatted 400+ lbs. As the athletic trainer tried to scold him for not taking it easy he reminded the trainer that his squat was well over 600lbs so technically for him he was taking it easy. That was the last day I saw him with a boot on.

Work hard. Train hard. #RXNAthletics


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- Alex Powell