Improving 2 Exercises, Increasing Activity and Metabolism

August 4, 2013

This is not quite an exercise challenge, but rather an opportunity to get better at exercises in small increments each day. The bonus is that you do not have to do this as part of a workout, its just done throughout the day when you have the opportunity (notice I said “when”, not “if”), and you must make the opportunity. Not only will you get better at these two exercises, but you will increase your overall physical activity levels and do great things for your metabolism.

Here it:
You will work on 2 exercises each day for a month. The 2 exercises are push-ups and pull-ups/chin-ups. If you don’t have access to a pull up bar you can always try an inverted row if you have access to a suspension trainer or a squat rack. Perform 10 pushups on day one of the month and continue to add one each day, so day two would be 11, on day 3 12 pushups and so on till you get to day 31 which would be 40 pushups. If you can already do 10 pull-ups or chin-ups then start the month with 10 otherwise start the month with whatever number of them you can do (if it is less than 10). If it is one then start with one. When you get to day 31 of the month you will be at 31 pull-ups or chin-ups depending on which one you selected. By the time you reach the 31st day you would have completed an extra 775 pushups (and pull-ups if you started with 10 a day) for the month. If you started with 1 pull-up, than you would have done 496.

This would have a positive effect on your strength and fitness levels. To make this even easier you do not need to complete all the reps at once. You just need to get them all done that day. You may end up doing 1 an hour or 2 an hour, but by the end of the month you may be able to do all of them at once.

Give it a shot!



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- Tami Barnwell